The AIM internship program began in 2016 as a way to extend our vision of awakening to adults. We see a great need in this hour for young adults to rise up who are willing to help reach this generation. The AIM internship was designed for this very purpose. Each intern has the opportunity to stay with us at the Adullam ranch and experience everyday life in ministry. Our goal is to Awaken each of our interns to the Father's calling on their lives, Impart into them leadership skills, and to Mobilize them to impact the Kingdom and this world.Through training and hands on ministry such as community outreach, missions, and evangelism, they encounter God on every frontier. In ministry, we have seen what a season in His presence can do in a life. Bondages break, addictions disappear, and wounds heal. Finally, identity comes and purpose awakens. This internship is a call to awaken a generation by letting it first begin in your heart. If you feel a pull to join our team, invest in your future by filling out an AIM application today.

Duration: September 17 - December 10, 2016
Location: Adullam Youth Outreach, Russellville, AR.
Cost: $1,500


If you have any questions about the AIM internship, call 870-324-2207.